The poetry of Beto Ochoa, Prose from a spiritual warrior


The Poetry Of Beto Ochoa~ Prose from a spiritual warrior

Monday, December 24, 2012

Eternal Green

A Christmas Eve
Long past and gone
The Yuletide Carol
Of a heart gone wrong

We voyeur here
Old Scrooge and young
The Spirits Three
And the wisdom wrung

As it unfolds
The Carol play
I shed a tear
For the heart once gay

Then as the nails
Of life drive in
And hang the heart
We see all man’s sin

Dear Mister Scrooge
For you a prayer
Your broken heart
Be it mended here

Though stranded be
On rocky shoal
God’s lifeboat sent
Here to save us all

So sing with Joy
And raise the strain
Light trees of love
And redeem our pain

That we like Scrooge
May all walk free
Accept God’s gift
Of Eternal Green

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Solstice Moon

Under the solstice moon
We danced in ragged rings
As dogs sniffed the wind
With noses in the sky

There the breath of God
Drifting through Orion’s Belt
Took our humble prayers
Through footless halls of night

Lo the power washed us
And lifted us on high
Where the sun will come again
Reborn upon the wheel

So Frankincense smoke slow
Float upon the winter air
The tally of our needs
God’s grace to fill once more

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