The poetry of Beto Ochoa, Prose from a spiritual warrior


The Poetry Of Beto Ochoa~ Prose from a spiritual warrior

Monday, December 24, 2012

Eternal Green

A Christmas Eve
Long past and gone
The Yuletide Carol
Of a heart gone wrong

We voyeur here
Old Scrooge and young
The Spirits Three
And the wisdom wrung

As it unfolds
The Carol play
I shed a tear
For the heart once gay

Then as the nails
Of life drive in
And hang the heart
We see all man’s sin

Dear Mister Scrooge
For you a prayer
Your broken heart
Be it mended here

Though stranded be
On rocky shoal
God’s lifeboat sent
Here to save us all

So sing with Joy
And raise the strain
Light trees of love
And redeem our pain

That we like Scrooge
May all walk free
Accept God’s gift
Of Eternal Green

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Solstice Moon

Under the solstice moon
We danced in ragged rings
As dogs sniffed the wind
With noses in the sky

There the breath of God
Drifting through Orion’s Belt
Took our humble prayers
Through footless halls of night

Lo the power washed us
And lifted us on high
Where the sun will come again
Reborn upon the wheel

So Frankincense smoke slow
Float upon the winter air
The tally of our needs
God’s grace to fill once more

Saturday, November 10, 2012


They did not know who came for them
In their entrenched redoubts
Who should be pressed into the sands
By blustering and shouts

Yet it did not turn out as planned
Through fire and horror scenes
They saw their vanguard swept away
By the United States Marines

The brotherhood of soldiering
That does not have a peer
That always answers freedom call
And all that we hold dear

So when you spot the Red and Blue
Topped by a snow white cover
Remember that they pledge their lives
And treat them as a brother

Sunday, October 07, 2012

The mind of Dog

I'm waiting for the joy of life
That your approach will bring
Biding time in worried bouts
And ever, waiting

You tease me from the high tree tops
As birds your presence warning
Biding time in worried bouts
And ever, waiting

And now you're here in fluttered fur
So flippant in your styling
I'm coming for your precious scent
No longer, waiting 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Autumn Wind

The Autumn Wind came by today
And begged the leaves come down and play
We have to ask our Mother Oak
They answered in reply

The Mother Oak loved all her leaves
And if they played
Then she’d be pleased
She let them down into the wind to fly

Then in the happy wind they gyred
In colors matching earth and fire
As sunshine split the sky and danced
Among the mirth and fun

All day they twirled, ‘till evens bell
The wind grew quiet as shadows fell
And leaf and sun then rested
Exhausted from their run

So Mother Oak bid all sweet dreams
As Mister Moon smiled down his beams
And Night did bed them all away
To dance again another day

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


A day with skies of Robin's Egg
And higher up the Cobalt burned
Standing in the windowed sky
She watched the fatal, final turn

The light reflecting from the wings
Shielding glass that held their faces
Eyes were met as death approached
Frozen, in fate's final places

Quickly Prayers escaped the lips
And in the hearts of these so bound
God's Will the moment soon divided
With Spirits leaving mortal ground

They watch us now, the dear departed
And those who Satan's will employed
Released the Genie of despoilment
The aim, all freedom be destroyed

We will endure this newer fight
And in the end of all man's time
Escape the grasp of evil tyrants
Our resting place the true sublime

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Explorer

A lad who once did set his foot
Upon the Lunar Dust
Who in the fullness of our time
The mysteries discussed

And slipped the surly bonds of Earth
To dance on silvered wings
Who pressed the limit of man's path
Achieved amazing things

Into the footless halls night
Where few have ever trod
And now he's even further flown
To touch the Face Of God

Dedicated To Neil Armstrong

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Old Poetry

Moment's Glow

To bask so in the moment's glow
Though all may ever fail me
Is height and breadth and depth
Though all may ever fail me
Though all may ever fail me

From Whence We Came

Who knows what road winds on before
That swifts us from the open door
And takes us ever onward
Or back from whence we came

The milepost that we mark today
At mountains height or brilliant shore
Is it new, unknown to us
Or seemingly the same

Our feet grow weary when our steps return us at days end
To somewhere that we'd rather leave, yet seem to have always been 

So heed you well and know the path may end or quickly change
By taking step, right or left, to misfortune or fame

Nort' Win' Moan

Iron and Rock, Stick and Stone
Pop an' talk when the Nort' Win' moan
Icy fingers, in the bone
Fingers snap and spark be shown
Light the big fire, fry the scone
Love all day when the Nort' Win' moan

Wednesday, July 04, 2012


The Sun endures it's Celestial Path
So we in chorus tarry on
And in the wake of traveled space
Another year has come and gone

What marks this place upon the line
Of times more ancient than we know?
The will to shed the tyrant's chains
Those who who cast their fear below

Who in the seasons chill and burn
Were set to mind and charity
And of one will the die was cast
Our Nation of Fraternity

That with the pen and linen's might
The blood and treasure guarantee
Upon the Alter of God's Grace
Became The Nation Of The Free

So yes, we set this day aside
Count Thirteen past Midsummer's Eve
Remembering the Patriots Brave
Who gave to us our Liberty

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I stood on the hill over Arlington
Where my fathers before me were lain.
And thought of the peace in my green backyard
That they bought for me with their pain.
The score upon score of their brothers,
Still loyal in ranks beside.
Will march into Heaven in soldierly rows
When the Bridegroom calls his bride.
The sting of death does not touch them now.
They’re sleeping and waiting for God.
In the green, green hills of Arlington
’Neath the nation they saveds’ fair sod.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Masters of War

The masters of war are loosed from the pit
They pile up their money as our flesh is split
And the innocents veins that pour out the blood
Are smoothing their way to the darkness for good

Time and again I have cried the days short
That fading is peace while they spoil us for sport
So soon the day breaks they release their machines
That hunt us as prey while they hide behind screens

But short is their vision and broken their hand
They make a chimera of machine and man
And think they will live in a life without death
As in Noah's days when long was the breath

But as in those days when the flood took it all
The vibrating power that broke down the walls
Will take the imbalance and even the scales
With fire and true cleansing that smothers their wails

It is for the meek to inherit the earth
Though gentle of spirit and humble of birth
The way is forgiveness and love for another
Treat each as yourself, a sister and brother

Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Voyage

How odd it seems
The moment's wink
That we are here and gone
But of the miles
We've flown through space
The millions traveled on

There is no gauge
Nor metric sound
To illustrate it true
How we perceive
Our tenure here
And limited our view

But know it well
That we're adrift
Like sailors on the tide
A sea so great
With struggles fleet
When suddenly, we've died

Oh little ones
With open hearts
Do not regret the whip
Learn to forgive
And sail again
The master of your ship

Monday, February 13, 2012

Shadow Dancers

I heard the Shadow Dancers
Chanting in the night
They beckoned me to join them
In step on soft Moonlight

I gathered up my courage
To face the fate of man
Let the Tom beat guide me
Joined the circled band

In murmured song we started
Soon growing in refrain
Of life's eternal circle
The rapture and the pain

The circle gathered numbers
As lunar day went by
Dawn in ragged ribbons
Was floating in the sky

With sun now full upon us
The Dancers must abide
To let the grand fulfillment
Take wing upon the tide

When the moon arises
The dance begins anew
All fealty to the Dancers
To thine own self be true

Monday, January 02, 2012

The Pixies

Are there Pixies?
Yes there are
Just ask the puppy in her new back yard

The leaves and their shadows
In the moonlight dance
And hold new eyes
In a phantasy trance

And the joy that is found
In the puppies heart
Is a brushstroke pure
Of God's great art

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