The poetry of Beto Ochoa, Prose from a spiritual warrior


The Poetry Of Beto Ochoa~ Prose from a spiritual warrior

Sunday, December 21, 2014

We come around the Sun once more
And celebrate the Christ was born

And on this day the Sun is low
Like dying candle in the snow

That our rebirth of soul is sure
By God In Flesh Sprang From The Word

So we rejoice and bare our love
That Angel Choirs From Heaven Above

Bend to the Earth and Sing Refrain
That Sin and Death are pledged away

Called to repent and Love The Lord
Forgiveness from our God assured

The Debt bought like a Precious Gem
When Mary births in Bethlehem

Friday, December 05, 2014

Ambling Couplets

I'll awake while night is full...
My art, it will not wait...
Calls me from my sleeping world
And leads me from the gate

To tarry is not possible
Like dogs of windows watch
To catch a thought as passerby
And set it to the cloth

To let the couplets amble on
And amble on they will
To pass into oblivion
And ne'er a page to fill

This is a fate I will not brook
These living words must be
I'll catch an zoo the lot of them
For all the world to see

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ode to a Pirate

For "Speak Like A Pirate Day....."

I'll trim me sails
When the wind be gales
And lash the wheel to the rail

I'll down me grog
In a quiet fog
And tack me way in a jog

I'll slide in stealth
And relieve your wealth
If the weather gauge is mine

Then a plank is dropped
And we cross the top
On your liver then, I'll dine....

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Road

I left with my world in a sack
Made of paper and old horse's hooves
A few folded rags to put on my back
And a couple of raggedy books

Their covers were worn into piffling
I stroked with each opening crack
To dream on the prose of Kipling
And adventures of Jack Kerouac

I read of the things worth the knowing
That love was a gamble at best
And those that you love need the showing
When your heart runs away in your breast

How the road is always a few steps away
And its call can be stronger than steel
That settling down is a whirl in a fray
No matter how happy you feel

Now I look on the hearts that I've cherished
In all different manners and ways
And weep for the ones that are perished
As I come to the end of my days

The books that I treasured that trip in the rain
With their covers worn softer than silk
Are gone long ago but their words still remain
In the heart that was born of their milk


Saturday, July 19, 2014


Wheel of Sun, you burn your path
As forever you have done
Days grow long and short in rhythm
Cadence of the One To Come

In the transit of the Stars
Gently rocking as we fly
Cut a trail in Hallowed Heaven
Speeding into future night

Deep into the distant sky
In the wake of flowing time
May I reach for your soft touch
Soaring knowledge for our minds

Only here in scattered bloom
Time again in mortal frame
One step forward should it be
Never back or just the same

When at last our Souls are trued
By the cadence of the light
In the flow of God's Good Grace
We will all Nirvana find.....

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Spinning Couplets In The Wind

Open mind and summer's breeze
Spin couplets as they fall
There are many chores to do
I cannot catch them all

Alas a poem bloomed inside
But through the open door
Was spirited away by life
To be a poem no more


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Face of God

I made my way above the clouds
To see the Face of God
I ride a spinning missile
Made of water, air and sod

This little time we tarry here
Our vision to the sky
And rocket miles uncounted
A time to breath and die

Like flowers in the Garden
Our petals fall away
So we will kiss that Face of God
And live another day

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Photograph

Hello my friend who's always there
Whose gaze does not wander
Nor the edges droop on a perfect smile
Though you left the door so long ago
Still your phantom lingers
On paper, captured 'neath a sheet of glass
It's good to know one's limitations
And me, the limit of your presence here
Still in the face of storm or conflagration
It's you I'll risk my tenure in this borne to save
The others captive, hanging here
Or set about for all to see
Witness time in silent confirmation
Caught in moments now long past and gone
Am I captive also in a box or album somewhere?
Or 'neath a sheet of glass as you are here
And though that moment caught me with a smile
Below the thin patina am I trapped forever
Broken hearted or malicious in my thought
Perhaps the the primitives were right to fear it
With power to take a wafer from your soul
For all to view the dissection
In microscopic examination
Defenseless to the moment for one's self


On The Road

On the road. Like a Dharma Bum
My bible penned by Kerouac
What I have in sovereign verve
Makes up for any thing I lack

Your pillowed beds and comforters
Will make you soft and wake too late
Arise and ride the Dharma's wheel
It travels on. It cannot wait

And though I bed in humble kind
Or lader with the kit and freight
The world is mine and all it holds
I travel on. I cannot wait

The Little House That Sways In The Wind

I know you don't know me but I am your friend
I live behind your house,
In the little house that sways in the wind.

I remember the day when you first came to stay
At the house on the corner of fifteenth and main.
I sang you my song and fluffed up my fluff
To show you I’m little but I’m very tough.
I know you don't know me but I am your friend
I live in the little house that sways in the wind.

I watched as you played when the weather was nice
And as the snow covered the ground once or twice.
I laughed as you ran like a cat from the rain
And was sad when you fell, crying in pain.
I know you don't know me but I am your friend
I live in the little house that sways in the wind.

I see you each day that you set off to school
And welcome you back in the mid-afternoon.
I look for you putting the seed out to share
And sing my song clearly so you’ll know I’m there.
I know you don't know me but I am your friend
I live behind your house,
In the little house that sways in the wind.


Sunday, May 04, 2014

Gold and Rose

Gold and Rose the evening sighs
Breathing last spark of the day
Sunflowers bow their solemn heads
In shadows stretched on window screen

Vibrating color washed by thought
Embedding air and flesh
Shimmering in its saturation
Swallowed by the sneaking darkness

Passing through to God's compression
Cast as stars on Prussian Blue
Comes the filling light again
Washing over as a river

River of the Ghost


Saturday, May 03, 2014

The Highway's Song

In the wee hours on a stormy night
The highway called again
I like home and the simple things
But the highway is my friend

Geese were crying from the waters edge
As the wind blew cool and wet
A lonely dog barked at the sky
My heart and soul were set

I took my tote from the closet top
And flung it on the empty bed
Then fit my world in a Stromberg bag
While the highway's song ran through my head

I left the keys on the counter top
With a good-bye note for all
As I filled the door the geese took flight
And we answered the highways call


Ode to Mrs Olson, who always had faith in me

I remember the hat Mrs. Olson wore
As she rode the bus each day
She’d bought it downtown at Woolworth's
I've forgotten how little she paid

But she cherished its presence above her brow
And was whole when it was in place
It was decked with flowers and Irish crochet
And it shielded the sun from her face

Yet under its brim was the sun itself
As she beamed to the world her love
And rode the bus to St Mary’s
To light candles for those now above

I’d sit as her escort and she’d talk of life
While we wended the bumpy miles
She taught me of duty, and Gods Holy Hand
And to always speak sweetly and smile

Then one chilly morning she wasn't aboard
So I queried the bus driver’s thought
And exited there in the middle of the block
He’d barely just got the bus stopped

I fairly flew as I raced to her door
And knocked, but got no reply
I went around back and found her gone
Then I sat in the garden and cried

I smiled and spoke sweetly, how I’d miss her so
To ne’er see again her bright face
And went to St Mary’s when they laid her to rest
With her hat set neatly in place


Thursday, May 01, 2014

Hope Chest

It seems the only flawless thing
This spinning wheel of sky
So here beneath its constant passing
Ever waiting I

Held safe within a chest of hope
The heart I have to share
Come closer friend and look inside
I have it over here

And there within the opened case
The artist's verdant heart
And laid about it like a fern
Is thought provoking art

While marveling at the works within
Their soft emotions shimmering
They floated out into the sky
Poured from the heart there brimming

Remember then this wisdom shared
From sages grey and coy
Eternal life’s inside of you
And it’s set free by joy

So as the sky and sun wheel on
And constant pass above
Keepsake within your chest of hope
The verdant heart of love

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