The poetry of Beto Ochoa, Prose from a spiritual warrior


The Poetry Of Beto Ochoa~ Prose from a spiritual warrior

Friday, November 10, 2017


They did not know who came for them
In their entrenched redoubts
Who should be pressed into the sands
By blustering and shouts

Yet it did not turn out as planned
Through fire and horror scenes
They saw their vanguard swept away
By the United States Marines

The brotherhood of soldiering
That does not have a peer
That always answers freedom call
And all that we hold dear

So when you spot the Red and Blue
Topped by a snow white cover
Remember that they pledge their lives
And treat them as a brother

Friday, July 28, 2017

Ode to Albert Gore

All have come
And all have passed
Think thee now are mightiest?
Can you will the rain to fall?
Wind to blow?
Turn spring to fall?
Even with your greatest power
You are less than bird and flower.
In a Lotus of the Indra
We are but a tiny ember.
Soon this age will pass away
Can you will your self to stay?

Friday, June 09, 2017


Please don't think from my following remarks I'm a Republican apologist.
I'm a Democrat whose mother headed the Democrat Women's Club in Austin, Texas
My father worked for LBJ for many years.
They were hard line conservatives until the seventies and there was a decided swing left.
Vietnam left such a bad taste in our mouths that it fueled the swing left.
Hell, I was leading the charge.
We became socialists no doubt about it.
We tried to tear down every value system existing.
It was going to be the Utopia it was supposed to be.

Then I began to see how rabid the hard liners were.
Their agenda wasn't dedicated to equality and justice.
It was only about power.
They were the epitome of Big Brother.
Thought control and slavery to the system.
I detested the religious book burners but they had nothing on the purge
of intellectual thought my fellow Democrats were planning.
It wasn't the conservative minded who were so hate filled, it was us.
Hate of anyone who voiced any opposition or had the nerve to question us in any degree.
We vilified every action of those deemed to be heretic.

President Trump is the result of people getting fed up with the Democrats assault
on every facet of people's lives and liberty. With the crooked courts, deconstruction of the Constitution, the federal shake down machine.
Why blame the Democrats? In case you're obtuse, they're running the show.

The real power in the party belongs to the Clinton Machine and Chicago Communist Mafia.
They have divided the USA more than any other modern dynamic splitting the public into easily manipulated factions by race baiting, sewing class envy while they're the wealthiest collection of scum on the planet. Generating economic fear, faux science religion-ism and crazy ass anti-America fringe groups.
The majority of the press belongs to the Clinton Machine.

It is THAT machine, with its totalitarian agenda, that has undermined our rights and created a fascist state inside the Democrat Party and the state at large.
I voted for Bill Clinton believing he would bring change.
He did, now moderate voices are shouted down within the party.
The Republicans have been complicit with the Clintons in promoting the skullduggery of the Democrats because they are compromised sexual perverts and happy with their cut of the take.

The Jury's still out on this Pres. for any rational and truthful person.
It's too complicated and obfuscated now.
Only time will peel back the layers on his decisions.
He was the anti establishment choice but appears compromised on all kinds of issues that the public elected him to address, especially foreign war.

The only power the people still have is the vote; but what are the choices?
So here I am with my eyes open and without the representation I felt I once had.
The establishment is dangerous. Wolves in sheep's clothing. Their way or the highway.
No dissent permitted.

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