The poetry of Beto Ochoa, Prose from a spiritual warrior


The Poetry Of Beto Ochoa~ Prose from a spiritual warrior

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hold Onto Your Love

The nest was empty so it seems that nature had it’s way
Oh how I loved to watch them frolic there among the leaves
Yet in that frolic vigilance was ruling every move
And those forgetting that were first to go

Ever waiting there are those to catch unguarded bliss
Careful now or Christmas lights and love will rended be
We teeter on the edge, hand in hand traverse the blade
Hold onto your love this moment passing

The sum of what is true, that all there is are we together
It’s sad that some amongst us cannot see
I decorate the tree to mark the beauty of the moment
When God sent here a lifeboat for us all

There are those who’ll rend the very fabric that enfolds them
And there are those who sew the ragged edge
Still every morn the brightly feathered nest in bliss amongst us
Knowing well in time it will come down

Hold onto your love this moment passing
Mark well the path along the Holy Blade
Remember Christ came for us all and frolic vigilantly
Hold onto your love this moment passing

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