The poetry of Beto Ochoa, Prose from a spiritual warrior


The Poetry Of Beto Ochoa~ Prose from a spiritual warrior

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Silence of the Night

I paint the silence of the night
With brush strokes broad and free
On canvas weaved of solitude
In colors others may not see

The sleeping world is mine alone
To fashion as I’m wont to try
But comes the creeping steady dawn
In ribbons on a waking sky

Then as the slumb’ring land bestirs
I set my paint brush out of sight
And wait until it sleeps again
To paint the silence of the night


Amé said...

Wow! Really nice poem! I like it (:

Tommy said...

Nice post and cool blog! Keep it up :D

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Jenn said...

Love your Budda and the poem was awesome.


mezzi rifle case said...

just wonderful and deep

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